Yagura Cachaca

Conceptual bottle re-design

Yaguara Cachaca, a Brazilian spirit well known in its home country that lacks awareness internationally. The project focused on evolving the Yaguara bottle design, yet keeping it tied to its Brazilian roots with a premium feel. The conceptual project went through many stages of creative thinking and development. The core logo did not change, however, the structure of additional elements did. Giving the logo greater gravitas supporting the bottle’s overall design.

Conceptual bottle development and re-design / Logo restructure / Photoshop mock-up

Yaguara drink background image 4.png
Yaguara drink background image 8.png
Yaguara drink background image 3.png
Yaguara drink background image 7.png
Yaguara drink background image 11.png

Bottle Evolution

Supporting elements of the Yaguara logo have been restructured. Yaguara represents a fascinating Brazilian story, which is reflected in the logo design. By having ‘Cachacain’ in gold foil with supporting graphic elements a sense of identity has been created for the sprit, allowing people to identify it easier. The gold foil also adds a premium feel to Yaguara.

The most noticeable change is a thicker shorter bottle making space for the logo to be larger, creating impact. A shorter body and neck allows the bottle to fit on a greater number of display shelves, where the original bottle struggled to fit on a standard shelf. One wave has been removed to create space for the logo and supporting content to sit on an indented label.

The label is solid making the logo stand out from the transparent bottle. Details previously on the bottom back of the bottle now sit on the back of the label (reverse side to where the logo now sits).


Concept bottle design



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