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West Hill Group

Website design

West Hill Group are a corporate finance and venture capital firm who offer expertise and advise on transactions across a diverse range of sectors.
Their previous outdated website design and brand identity did not convey their professionalism and core values. Applying a clean and striking design identity matched with a thought out user experience, this website has been designed to ensure all information is communicated in the most effective way possible.

Website -

Website design / UX&UI / User testing


Built mobile first 

For a long time, website design first focused on creating the most optimal user experience for the largest screen size a user would be on, such as a desktop screen. Designing for mobile first takes the age old habit of designing for the biggest possible screen first, and designing for the smallest possible screen first.

With the rise in popularity of mobile website viewing, mobile web design provided an alternative to the main desktop viewing experience. Thus, responsive web design was born as a solution to having to create multiple web designs – one for desktop, one for mobile, etc. The method of designing for mobile first takes this one step further, and is based on the idea that the optimal viewing experience should be on a mobile device vs. a desktop device.

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Artboard 10.png

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Advising corporates for over 30 years

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