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ArchiPro - Design task

Conceptual Digital Publication

Brief - Create a fresh concept going off the current Digital Publications, starting with the industry famous Curated Collection Digital Publication.

Our style can be described as minimal, typography focused. Bold, but balanced. Less, but better. Our featured content should speak for itself. In all of our design work we follow the architectural principle that form follows function. We are not scared of trying new things to make an impression. We push the boundaries of high-end design while staying level headed and accessible for everyone. We're on a journey of turning the status quo into status pro. 

Conceptual design / Digital design / Research & development

Header section


Main article feature

Featured products



Featured products


Conceptual digital publication

ArchiPro's use of swiss design works well to create a bold yet sophisticated design look and feel. Lots of elements of the ArchiPro's design works well. I've looked to bring Curated Collection up to speed with the current design, where I have kept some parts the same as the new design, I've looked to freshen up other areas, including having more noticeable title sections so the user can better distinguish between sections of the publication. In addition, I've gifted certain articles more colour to bring out certain parts of content throughout the publication, this creates a pop that's in and amongst the bulk of the content.

2020-09-28 15_28_42-ArchiPro - Design Ta
2020-09-28 15_32_07-ArchiPro - Design Ta

Development & research

Research involved swiss design and typography in different mediums, then comparing the design research to ArchiPro's design. Next I looked at the structure of how the publication is set up, where I can look to cull down, where to emphasize content and importantly to look at how the design is displayed on multiple devices.

Tools used


Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review this project

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